Are You Tired of Being a CNA?
This forum was created for all of the overworked and under appreciated CNA's, PCT's, NA's,PCW's, HW's or whatever title that employers use today for describing a patient care worker. For consistency we'll group all of the above jobs under CNA.

Most CNA's work long hours for little pay. They try to provide good healthcare to their patients, earn money for their families and go home at the end of the day.

Sadly, employers, fellow healthcare workers, patients and their families can make a CNA throw up their hands in frustration and struggle with the constant feeling of being stressed out.

This forum was created to help you vent, help air out the everyday situations that drain the life out of you and leave you tired, stressed and hoping there is a way out.

Sometimes it helps just to be heard :)

Tired of Being a CNA Forum

Sometimes It Helps Just to Be Heard :)

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